11891265_10155930133870022_6655859177745304190_ni seem to be more creative when i’m editing the podcast recordings we do..  using a audio editing program, Audacity, is very much a trial and error process of learning, the website only gives so much help and then i have to turn to youtube for more hints and tips..  a lot of what i do is basic copying and pasting, that’s it really..  so simple..  but it’s mostly about what you paste in is where the magic is..

Matt specializes in recording and i am now getting to continue honing my skills in editing..  it’s actually fun, when you hear what you have put together and it doesn’t sound right to you, if you are smart about saving the original recordings and use ‘save as’ and make the file .2, you can do all sorts of wonders..  i keep amazing myself in what i come up with when putting the podcast together..  

i have all the musics from the bands that gave us permission to play their songs on our podcast, so it’s only logical that i should be the one editing, and i keep acquiring more musics because i find more bands that i like their sound and music..  it’s a never ending process..  

and with our specialty podcast, that leaves a lot of room to play around with ideas and it seems the more twisted and more scary, the better..

sometimes i go the other way too, i like to throw in some horror comedy, the funny horror bits are quite hilarious and can be even uplifting if you are having a bad day.. listening to some horror comedy always brings a smile to my face and then i don’t feel so bad and that starts the gears turning in my head to something more twisted and sinister to try..  

the only drawback to doing editing is, the long hours it takes..  it is quite a time consuming task, and one that also teaches you about patience..  lots and lots of patience..