i agree with MJ’s list of bad parents..  here are a few that i have chosen as well..

the ultimate in bad parents, Norma Bates, the original! she had a completely messed up view on being a mom and turning her son into her replacement husband/lover because she just can’t seem to keep the men around, either Norman gets jealous or Norma loses more control on them than she would like.. but then what did Norman do to Mother when he got seriously jealous, he killed her with a poison that was slow enough for him to watch her dying and it was brutally painful..

Jack Torrence was harsh and quick to physically punish, because of his alcoholic nature, which even though he was on the wagon for 6 months, it still left him vulnerable to the forces in the hotel that told him he needed to kill his son, but Danny proved to be quite a bit smarter and had his own help in evading his dad, which ended up killing Jack and allowing him to rejoin the hotel’s other guests that never can leave..

Rachel Keller from THE RING, she was more career minded first and parenthood came in last place with her, her son Aiden was very intelligent and self sufficient because his mom was never there for him, she was all about getting the story no matter how long it takes or what she has to do.. Aiden never once calls her Mom, he always calls her by her name, Rachel, i get the feeling that was by her request and then in the 2nd Ring movie, they try to be mother & son, but they still can’t quite do that, she does become more motherly towards Aiden but it seems like she’s really forcing herself to be a mom instead of his protector against Samara, and that’s sort of being a mom..

Drs. William and Dakota Block from PLANET TERROR, they definitely ignore their son because they each are more interested in their own selfish needs.. Dakota is trying to leave her husband for her lesbian lover(Fergie) and take her son with her, while William is more intent on finding out what Dakota is up to and even try to kill her if he can, so she can’t take their son, while Tony is oblivious to it all and just plays by himself.. but the downside of being a bad mom, is Dakota gave little Tony a gun, in the car and told him to not put it to his head but to shoot other people if they try to attack the car, especially Daddy, but of course what do young kids do when you tell them something,? they do the opposite, and he shot himself in the head because he obviously didn’t ever handle a gun before… bad mommy..

Jerry Blake, THE STEPFATHER, is the ultimate in a bad parent, if a family he marries into doesn’t behave or act the way he wants, he kills them and goes to find another family.. he does start off like a good caring dad but the stepkids always notice Jerry’s odd behavior and help plant seeds of doubt in their mom’s mind.. but Jerry was finally stopped in STEPFATHER 3 when he was pushed into a wood chipper, completely shredded to pulpy bits, there is no coming back from that..