A new Indiegogo campaign of a fresh new original series from the  short film, by Amanda B. Goodman that won the 2016 Silver Award from The Spotlight Independent Horror Film Awards!

You Only Die Once The Movie

This new series is about 3 lifelong best friends, Cecelia, Linda & Jamie, who are vampire hunters and the way they deal with hunting vampires and dealing with each other..

It’s a horror comedy along the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ASH VS EVIL DEAD but more female driven story and cast, with a lot of snarky wit and biting humor and lots of blood and gore..  (yes, puns are intended! LOL!)

The short film is absolutely brilliant and very well done that you immediately are hooked on the characters and what they will do in their vampire situations..

We love this new project and adore the short film!  Please  go to their Indiegogo page and help them make this series happen because we need more female empowered series that the women can kick ass and be the heroes!  You will love it!

You Only Die Once Indiegogo