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Karen Stever, good friend of the show, and outstanding musician, has announced she is making a book series based on Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant. From Karen’s website:

I have been working on the first novel between having to make a “real living” for the better part of this year. However, this month, on a British radio station, I announced that I was bringing up seven of these children at the same time.
What is that? Septuplets? It’s just a boatload of diapers to change at once. Whatever.
The only way I can do this properly is to do it totally from my gut. I am not looking to write something ‘light’ or soothing bed-time stories.
I am going to be launching its own website, ’cause it is going to get crowded here really quickly!
I hope you will follow along with my journey. I will update as often as I can.

Love you all,

Soon, we will have Karen back on the show to discuss her project. As fans of hers, we are excited to watch her take over another medium, with her wonderful words, and hopeful tones. We highly suggest that you pick up Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant today, if you have not done so.