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Inspired by David Lynch and SOV movies like Spine, Flesh and Blood A Go! Go! follows the story of some, let’s say interesting, photographers, and a model named Kandi, who seems to be a little down on her luck, when it comes to finding jobs. After she takes this modeling job, she finds out that the shoot was much more bloodier than she imagined. All and all, this was a great film, I loved the cinematography, and the soundtrack is outstanding. Hopefully, we can contact the bands, and have their music on EMZT soon.

Once this comes out, you’ll enjoy this 30 minute bloody flick, with beautiful women, and a great soundtrack. You can find more information at their Facebook page, or at MollyWash Video’s website. This was a great effort, and it deserves to be bought. You can pick a copy up for $11.00.


Also, support the bands that come on the soundtrack.

La Croix & La Banniere


Ground Nero


Forgotten Soul

Jimmy Screamerclauz