Amanda B. Goodman is such a master of suspense build and plot twists, her new short, The Keys, delivers such an amazing talent of horror-thriller style.

Amanda’s writing style makes you immediately care about the characters you meet.  They are sympathetic and you can relate to their points of view in the short matter of time you watch them.

The story is about Sam(Seth Panman(co-writer, co-producer, co-star and co-director), a newbie real estate agent, hounded by his boss, Ian(John DiSilvestri, voice only) on the phone about closing the deal with a client, Ally(Amanda B. Goodman, writer, co-producer,co-star and co-director).  Ally is a perky quirky energetic client, who i could sense that there was something off about her, because of her weird and dark sense of humor, which she would play off in a joking manner.  Sam would just brush it off and continue with his sales tour of apartments because of his wanting to not be fired.  Knowing of Amanda’s style, you know it doesn’t end there and it will take you into dark places..

This is a mesmerizing film that kept me glued to my chair til the end!  I give this 5 out of 5 bloody hearts, for the story, character development and the TWIST that she throws in your face when you least expect it!  I highly recommend this horror-thriller gem as a MUST SEE!!

The Keys Trailer